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False Icons - Godcomplex
John Bechdel is the touring keyboard player for Ministry, Killing Joke and Fear Factory and has used his talent and skills to create his own project called False Icons. According to the attached biography the music of False Icons is best described as mind-bending cybercore. Well I’m very curious what that sounds like.
It’s pretty obvious that False Icons does raise some great expectations, especially since it’s also released on the 13th Planet Record label of Al Jourgensen. Starting with ‘Decay’, I really hope False Icons can meet up to my expectations. When the music fills my room I know this is a good start for the album. The music is intense and well produced. Maybe even a bit overproduced, which gives the album a sort of clinical sound but that doesn’t matter to me. As for the sound, you should throw Stabbing Westward and Pain into a blender. Add some Ministry and a drop of Ljungblut and you’ll know what False Icons sound like.
Although John Bechdel was responsible for the keyboard in a lot of bands, he chooses to play the guitar and to do the vocals in False Icons. This, in my humble opinion, didn’t turn out very bad. In for example ‘Mystified’, the vocals are a great addition to the song in combination with the synths that are ruling in the background.
Overall I would say that John Bechdel created a great album. The only setback for me is that I expected much heavier stuff. Especially since the biography titles this as cyber core. I mean that genre title made me think of Atari Teenage Riot for a second. On the other hand, why am I bitching about some genre title that was probably made up by some idiot behind a desk? In the end, Godcomplex is an interesting album with some great, almost hypnotising songs with a great atmosphere.
False Icons - Godcomplex
61/1001Details 13th Planet Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 8th, 2011
Industrial Metal / Cybercore

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Mar 8th, 2009

Tags: #False Icons
Tracklisting 01. Decay
02. Tranquilizer
03. The Wheel
04. Transform
05. Mystified
06. Lead The Way
07. False Icons
08. Detetiorations
09. Recover
10. Defective
11. Into The Emptiness
Line up John Bechdel - Vocals, Guitars
David Brown - Bass
Brian Broadt - Keyboards
Mark Panek - Drums