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Teardown - Cyanotic
Teardown started their career in 2001 and resides in Helsinki, Finland. First of all I have to give some credits for the attached biography. It’s entirely put together as an official report from a Pathologist which put a grin upon my face when I read it for the first time. Cyanotic is already the third demo of this band, that is seriously looking for a record label.
Most of the time when you speak about a female fronted metal band it’s a band that is active within the gothic scene. Luckily for us and Teardown the gothic scene is widely spread and not every band has to sound like Within Temptation or Nightwish. The music of this 3-song demo reminds me a bit of The Gathering and even some Sentenced here and there.
The only thing that is one major setback during the songs is that the music never gets interesting. It even sounds very predictable from time to time. Of course there’s the beautiful voice of Katja that attracts a lot of attention but I prefer more than just some great vocals. Most of the songs just miss a kick in the ass on the right spot, so you could feel the passion of the musicians. I’d advise keep on practising and then it will get better and better. As for the fans, all the demos of the band are available for download on their site.
Teardown - Cyanotic
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Released on Sunday Jul 8th, 2001
Gothic Rock / Melodic Metal

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Mar 8th, 2009

Tags: #Teardown
Tracklisting 1. All Should Be Gone
2. Prisoner
3. Solitude
Line up Katja - Vocals
Ahmaoja - Guitars
Keltsu - Guitars
Laba - Bass
Pipsa - Keyboards
Rami - Drums