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J.C. Cinel - Before My Eyes
J.C. Cinel is an Italian singer-songwriter that has been active in bands and solo for the past fifteen years. He has recently released his new CD called Before My Eyes, on which he shows his love for good old seventies rock.
Within we have the intention to review everything that lands upon our path. You could say that J.C Cinel is one of those musicians where you could have a nice discussion about whether it’s material or not. When I first listened to J.C Cinel I thought that was definitely not approved but on the other hand I’m not the greatest bastard in the world. I just look like him.
During the first couple of songs J.C. Cinel spreads his love for the good old days with acoustic guitar work, a mouth-organ and a voice that reminds me of the soft rock ballads in my sisters CD collection. I have to say that I can picture myself on the front porch in the wastelands of Texas with this album playing in the back ground. The only criticism I can come up with, is that there aren’t any songs that catch my attention. So it’s probably a great album for background music when my parents are visiting.
Add to this the feeling that I’ve heard this several times before and sometimes even better, and you’ll understand why this album doesn’t give me goosebumps. The real seventies rock admirer could think of this as a great album but I have to disappoint J.C. Cinel.
J.C. Cinel - Before My Eyes
57/1001Details Black Widow Records
Released on Monday Oct 8th, 2001

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Mar 8th, 2009

Tags: #J.C. Cinel
Tracklisting 1. Ships in the Wind
2. Feel the Moment
3. Sweet Dream
4. Out in the Frontline
5. Dear Old Friend
6. Intro/brush
7. Brush My Cymbals
8. Before My Eyes
9. What I See
10. Voices From Nowhere
11. Alone in the Dark
12. Taking Chances
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