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Peter Pan Speedrock, Batmobile - CrossContamination
The Dutch famous speedrockers from the city of Eindhoven have released a brand new split album with Hollands legendary psychobilly band Batmobile. The idea is quite simple, both bands recorded songs from the other band. Result: a nice CrossContamination.
Every new album of Peter Pan Speedrock is always welcomed with a grin upon my face for the simple reason that you always know what you’re going to get with the rockers of Peter Pan Speedrock. This time it’s a bit different since the bands are playing each others songs. Ever since I realized this, I started to get nervous hoping that they didn’t turn out soft or even worse: turn out Psychobilly style.
Luckily everything turned out just great, the psycholbilly boys of Batmobile made some great psychobilly versions of ‘Hellalujah’, ‘Go Satan Go’ and ‘Straight Back To Hormoneville’. It’s just great to hear these songs from a total different perspective, especially since Batmobile manage to maintain the essence of the song. As for Peter Pan Speedrock it’s quite easy, they didn’t bend in, they just did what they do best. Pedal to the metal and transform the Batmobile songs into straight on party songs in their own style.
Overall it’s quite simple. It’s a nice initiative that has some great results or like we say in Dutch: Niks dan lof.
Peter Pan Speedrock, Batmobile - CrossContamination
85/1001Details Suburban
Released on Saturday Dec 8th, 2001
Psychobilly, Speedrock

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Mar 8th, 2009

Tags: #Peter Pan Speedrock, Batmobile
Tracklisting Batmobile
01. Hellalujah
02. Go Satan Go
03. Killerspeed
04. Big Toy
05. Straight Back To Hormoneville

Peter Pan Speedrock
06. Transsylvanian Express
07. Dead (I Want Them When They Are Dead)
08. Dynamite
09. Shoot Shoot
10. Mission Impossible
Line up Batmobile
Jeroen Haamers - guitar & vocals
Eric Haamers - double bass
Johnny Zuidhof - drums

Peter Pan Speedrock
Peter - guitar & vocals
Bartman - bass & backing vocals
Bart - drums
Dikke Dennis - spiritual guidance