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Otep - House Of Secrets

Finally, after 2 years of waiting the only band with female vocals that I can listen to has released their second full-length album. House Of Secrets sounds better produced than Sevas Tra, but are the riffs better too?


Well, miss Otep is still tormented as hell is what you can conclude after listening to this album. The album consists, like the previous ones, out of heavy metal tracks and spoken poetic eerie background noise tracks. The heavy parts sound a lot heavier than before, the bass sounds better than before, so do the drums, who were by the way done by none other than Joey Jordinson of Slipknot, and the vocals sounds more melodic in the spoken parts and more brutal in the heavy parts.



Some brutal parts have even been uplifted to pure death metal, with blastbeat and everything. Truly ass-kicking. And then there are a lot of poetic tormented tracks, that consist of a bass-line and eerie noises/guitars with Otep talking/singing/rapping about the things that hurt deep down inside her. It depends on the mood I’m in if I like it or not, I’m not that good in listening to people’s whining.


I just have to mention something about the artwork. The cd-box is partially see-through red and partially see-through blue. The lyrics are unreadable. Now if you look behind the cd itself you should be able to solve the puzzle. Stylishly done. One of the coolest things in cd-artwork I have.


I definitely like this album, it’s heavier and it’s produced a lot better. Add some cool artwork to that and you’ve got a great record in your hands!




Otep Shamaya – vocals

Greg Wells – guitar

Evil J – bass

Joey Jordison – drums



1. Requim

2. Warhead

3. Buried Alive

4. Sepsis

5. House Of Secrets

6. Hooks & Splinters

7. Gutter

8. Autopsy

9. Suicide Trees

10. Nein

11. Self-Made

12. Shattered Pieces

Otep - House Of Secrets
89/1001Details Capitol Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Sep 2nd, 2004

Tags: #Otep
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