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Insolence - Audio War
San Jose, California. How I’d wish to be there now. Sun, sea, hot chicks, me getting smacked by them, the beauty of life. San Jose is also the place where the band Insolence hails from. This band was formed in 1995 and has been signed to Madonna’s Maverick Records as well as to Warner Music. They’ve sold a shitload of records, toured with major artists and even had songs in movies like Little Nicky and Driven. Impressive. Let’s see if I can say the same for Audio War.
Insolence caught my attention because they immediately reminded me of one of my favourite party bands: (hed)p.e. or however you want to write it. The combination of punkrock, metal, hip hop and reggae immediately links to that band, although I am never as convinced or impressed by Insolence as (hed)p.e. is able to do. The songs are not strong enough in average, although the album opener ‘Danger’ implies otherwise. Vocally I don’t get the feeling I’m listening to people that are singing/rapping/screaming what is in their hearts, so that area fails to impress too. Personally I actually get a bit annoyed by the vocals of both MC Mark Herman and reggae dude Mech 1. It sounds fake.
It might be just me, but I don’t understand why this act has sold over 170.000 records worldwide, besides for the fact that they were on two major labels. I don’t think they ever had a big breakthrough in Europe, and Audio War is (hopefully) not going to change that. I rather get down raw with the (hed), but if those guys are too much for your girly ears, try Insolence. It’s kind of like the censored, fluffy version of them. Not for me.
Insolence - Audio War
55/1001Details Rodeostar
Released on Thursday Feb 26th, 2009
Metal/Hip Hop/Reggae

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Mar 9th, 2009

Tags: #Insolence
Tracklisting 01. Danger
02. Megumi
03. Kobura Kai
04. Blue Sky (featuring Kanetic Source)
05. Liberation
06. Kyodai
07. Socialator
08. Yoga Fire
09. Joshua
10. Shine
11. BMD
Uprising (bonus track)
Line up Mark Herman: Vocals
Mecha 1: Vocals, Percussion
Michael Rowan: Guitar
Clint Westwood: Bass
Kevin The Guch: Drums
Ichy The Killer: DJ