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The Deep Eynde - Blackout: The Dark Years
The Deep Eynde hails from the dark depths of the city of angels. With this 5th release they established themselves as one of the longest running underground bands in Los Angeles.
About two years ago I had the honour of reviewing their previous album. Back then I wasn’t really convinced by their album. Maybe this album, which is filled with out of print material and unreleased tracks, will do the trick for me.
The album starts with ´My Darkest Hour´, which is the only new track on this album. This is also the one track that reminds a bit of the old days of The Deep Eynde. Together with ´Scream´ and ´Red Necklace´ these three songs are the openers of this album. During these songs they give me the same feeling that I get with bands like The Cure and The Smiths. In a way The Deep Eynde creates the same dark atmosphere within these songs.
Sadly enough this atmosphere is immediately washed away with ´Voodoo Baby´ and ´13th Floor´, where they throw in a psychobilly style that doesn’t fit the atmosphere. This continues with ´Swingtime´ and finally brings me to the poppy punk song ´Sandman´ and the experimental ´Road Rash´. During the rest of the album my mood swings from  "not bad" to "what the fuck?"
This is clearly a combination of the work of The Deep Eynde which gives me also the answer why they are still in the underground. During this album I´ve heard so many different musical styles that even I lost count. The combination of all those styles results in a rather strange album that doesn´t get my hopes up for another record of these rockers.
The Deep Eynde - Blackout: The Dark Years
55/1001Details People Like You Records
Released on Saturday Nov 8th, 2014
Alternative / Gothic

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Mar 10th, 2009

Tags: #The Deep Eynde
Tracklisting 1. My Darkest Hour
2. Scream
3. Red Necklace
4. Voodoo Baby
5. 13th Floor
6. Swingtime
7. Transformation
8. Sandman
9. Road Rash
10. Animal Garden
11. Ignite
12. Tongues
13. Strangewalk
14. Magic Man
15. The Feast
16. Deep Dark Secret
17. Parfumery
18. 444
Line up Fate Fatal - Vocals
Stress - Guitar
Tino Franco - Guitar
Robert Graver - Bass
Hal Satan - Drums