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Centaurus-A - Side Effects Expected
Straight from Cologne, Germany, comes this maniacal death metal monster called Centaurus-A. After three demos, they now release their debut album via the ever rising Listenable Records, entitled Side Effects Expected. Let’s see what we have here.
Centaurus-A offer the listener ten tracks of technical death metal that at times reminds of Necrophagist and other high class technical acts like that. Yet these Germans know when to tone down a bit and let a phat groove take over all the tricky display of high speed virtuoso guitar fiddling. Melodically the listener isn’t deprived of any good tunes either. Which combined makes for very dynamic and compelling songs that are still a treat to listen to even after countless spins. At least for me that is, because Side Effects Expected is definitely competing for promo with the most spins before reviewing it as of now.
This is one death metal band that manages to cover all the interesting areas of the genre and combine it into a convincing and entertaining whole. If Centaurus-A manages to execute the same quality live on stage as they do here on Side Effects Expected, the world is in for another great German death metal treat. Let’s hope they get on the road soon so we can find out!
Centaurus-A - Side Effects Expected
84/1001Details Listenable Records
Released on Monday Mar 2nd, 2009
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Mar 11th, 2009

Tags: #Centaurus-A
Tracklisting 01 The Praying Mantis
02 Narcotic
03 Drop Off
04 Morning Tremble
05 The Ease
06 Incident / Accident
07 Arson
08 Dripping Red Canvas
09 Selfmade Cage
10 Resistance Ain�t Futile
Line up Maik Matanovic: guitars
Hernan Martinez: guitars
Michael Ahlgrimm: bass& backing vocals
Johannes Henke: vocals
Patrick Schroeder: drums