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Red Tape Parade - Ballads Of The Flexible Bullet
To be honest I’d never heard of Red Tape Parade before and also the mentioned previous bands didn’t ring a bell. Well, let’s see what these German rockers have to say on their latest effort called Ballads Of The Flexible Bullet, 'cause they obviously have clear statements. According to their own website they are a pro-gay, pro-choice, anti-organized religion and an anti-racist punk band. So please find someone else to open up for your christian 'hardcore' bands, OK?
The band is combining melodic punkrock with old school hardcore on this debut full length. So just throw Minor Threat, Dag Nasty and Good Riddance into a blender, add some 7 Seconds and a couple drops of Lagwagon and you’ll have an idea of what we’re talking about.
Starting the album with ‘Deadleaves’, they made me think of Boy Sets Fire for a while but shortly after I realised there’s much more variety in their music.
The strange thing with this album is that I’ve been listening to this for quite a while now and every time I’ve listened to it I felt beaten down, bruised and empty. In a way they managed to get me moving on my feet and pull all the negative energy out of me. I know that this sounds very weird but they just have that effect on me. There are not many albums that had that effect on me. But enough about me, I’m not preaching the next best thing here.
The band created an album that has a great mixture of the above mentioned bands, sometimes they might loose themselves within the music but most of the time they show a great potential with powerful, honest songs that really have their effect on me. Goddamn, I just realized that all that talking about feeling will affect the way all those though guy readers think about me. Well there goes my hardcore face. Still, I’m very curious to the next album.
Red Tape Parade - Ballads Of The Flexible Bullet
90/1001Details Let It Burn Records
Released on Monday Dec 15th, 2008
Hardcore / Punk

Writer @Niamen on Thursday Mar 12th, 2009

Tags: #Red Tape Parade
Tracklisting 1. Deadleaves
2. One Cup of Coffee Closer to Death
3. Friendly Fire
4. Less Than a Minute
5. Tatooine
6. Art Is No Excuse for Bullshit
7. If Love Is War She\'s Got the Neutron Bomb
8. Substance
9. The Old Guys Will Have Their Say
10. The Great Escape
11. Theme Song
12. Fingerprints
13. The Obstacle Race
14. Dial \'F\' for Failure
15. Dead Letter Office
16. Flight 815
Line up Wauz - vocals
Ule Gigl - guitar
Manuel Mueller - guitar
Oise Ronsberger - bass
Holger Stich - drums