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The Weird Owl - Ever The Silver Cord Be Loosed
The Weird Owl is a Brooklyn, NY based psychedelic synth/70s rock band that recently released their first album on the mighty Tee Pee Records. They formed in late 2004, but through odd mutations involving changes in approach as in personnel, it took a few years to get a solid base and a debut record out.

This is again a great release between all the other high quality doom/stoner/70s/psychedelic  releases on Tee Pee Records. It feels like a trip down memory-lane in the 60s where bands like The Animals, The Kinks and Neil Young’s Crazy Horse were at their highest peak. Some might think this is not Metalrage worthy, but I beg to differ. Their hypnotic 60s/70s psychedelic rock with cosmic sounding synths is just awesome. This whole album feels like a warm fuzzy Lsd/mushroom-drenched blanket all over you, that will slowly bring you in a nice, convertible, drowsy atmosphere. The occasional heavy 70s stoner riffing wakes you up for a brief moment, to doze off again in those sonic Lsd-drenched mindscapes.

The album contains eight songs and they are over before you know it. Especially the first two songs are killer. The first song is a moody psychedelic stoner-rock song, which starts off the CD with a nice kick. These heavier songs are a bit comparable to bands like Black Mountain and Dead Meadow. The second song however, chooses a totally different path. This song has a way more 60s beat/rock approach going on, in the vein of The Kinks, Crazy Horse and even a little bit of The Beatles, but still they maintain the cosmic/psychedelic feel to it! Especially this variety between songs works perfectly, some songs are on the heavier side and others are just plain Lsd-trips.

I personally loved this album; it grew on me every time I played it. If you are into psychedelic 60s/70s rock with a slight hint of stoner, you have to check this band out. If you expect some heavy stoner; Word of advice, listen to the MySpace songs first before you order the record.
The Weird Owl - Ever The Silver Cord Be Loosed
89/1001Details Tee Pee Records
Released on Tuesday Feb 17th, 2009
Psychedelic Pop / Stoner

Writer @RoyBalowski on Wednesday Mar 18th, 2009

Tags: #The Weird Owl
Tracklisting 01. Mind Mountain
02. Skeletelepathic
03. 13 Arrows, 13 Stars
04. Tobin's Spirit Guide
05. Do What Th' Owl Wilt
06. Phases Of The Moon
07. In The Secrecy Of Oceans
08. Flying Low Through The Air After Thunder
Line up Unknown