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Spoonful Of Vicodin - Bursts Of Rage At The Speed Of Hate
Spoonful Of Vicodin, sounds like a good time! In fact it is a grindcore band from Rochester, New York who have just released their first full length record through France’s Bones Brigade Records, entitled Bursts Of Rage At The Speed Of Hate. Let’s see what this guy and girl have to offer on these 27 tracks, compiled from their seven inch, an upcoming four-way split, compilation tracks and a few other random tracks.
These Americans blast out with ferocious anger and intense energy. Their style lies somewhere in the regions of powerviolence, fastcore, crust and plain ol’ grind, lightened up a bit with funny samples. The anger and intensity that the tracks emit is the strongest point of this band. It’s just that the production of it all is utterly raw, some might even call it shitty. Which is too bad since you can hear that there is a fucking intense two-headed grindbeast at work here.
All in all I hope the response to this record will convince them to put a little more effort (and perhaps money…) into the next recordings, for I’d love to hear this the way they are meant to sound. I would still recommend Spoonful Of Vicodin to all fans of powerviolence and crusty grindcore, as long as you can listen through the production of it all. Enjoy some Vicodin!
Spoonful Of Vicodin - Bursts Of Rage At The Speed Of Hate
70/1001Details Bones Brigade
Released on Sunday Feb 1st, 2009

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Mar 19th, 2009

Tags: #Spoonful Of Vicodin
Tracklisting 01. One More Second And I�ll Explode
02. Stages Are Only Good For Stage Dives
03. I�ll sew With Floss Till All My Teeth Rot
04. Grind Is Good For Acne
05. You Smell Like A Bag Of Rotting Dicks
06. Carful Of Potheads
07. Sacrificed For The Thrash
08. Cycle Of Desolation
09. 357 Channels Of Widescreen Perfection
10. God Wins At Everything
11. My Idea Of Anarchy Is Taking A Dump At Company Time
12. Roadkill In The Lunch Line
13. Tapeworms In Punk, A Documentary
14. Law Enforcement Perk-a-thon
15. Starbucks Revolutionary
16. Confession Booth Gloryhole
17. The 60�s Changed The World, I�m Sure You Will Too
18. Whatever Happened To Fubu?
19. Paved Paradise
20. The Charles Whitman Anthem
21. Library Grind Freaks Unite
22. BIY
23. Don�t Support Sketchy Fucks
24. Controlled By Fear (Fear Of God cover)
25. Serial Griller
26. Fossils Of Humanity
27. Totally Brutal News Exposure
Line up Tim - drums, vocals
Sarah - guitar