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Today We Rise - Overcoming The Archetype
The band Today We Rise hails from Wuerzburg, Germany and have just released their first full-length debut album called Overcoming The Archetype. Their demo that was released in 2007 was well received with both the online and offline press. To be honest I’m a bit sceptic because I’ve heard that many times before.
Starting the album without any sort of stupid intro they already gain some extra points. Especially since the first track, ‘The Empire vs The Mind’, starts very powerful and holds this feeling till the end of the song. The funniest thing is that this power doesn’t come of one instrument; it is the total sound that gives you a nice smack in the face. A sound that is brutal but still has its melodical moments.
The sound isn’t the only thing that is great on this album. One other great thing is the song writing. With most songs they hold my attention for quite a while and even make me curious for the next song. Of course not every song is as good as its predecessor, but most of the songs show a great potential.
Overall I’m quite convinced that this album of Today We Rise will get some spins in my CD player. Okay not all the songs are great, but there are really some great songs that make it hard for me not to mosh around. So combined with the fact that it is their debut album I can say they did a hell of a job!
Today We Rise - Overcoming The Archetype
80/1001Details Let It Burn Records
Released on Saturday Nov 8th, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Friday Mar 20th, 2009

Tags: #Today We Rise
Tracklisting 01. The Empire VS. the Mind
02. 2nd 2None
03. Ignorance is a Bliss
04. Aftermath
05. Masters and Johnson
06. Let Down
07. Today We Rise
08. For The Masses
09. Barricades
10. Friends and Enemies
Line up Roberto - vocals
Erik - guitar
Joe - guitar
Sebastian - bass
Jens - drums