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Ghamorean - Eon Eschatos
Blackened death metal from Sweden is the best way to describe Ghamorean, which was formed back in 1997. Sweden definitely is one the wellknown countries when it comes to the better releases and although death metal is surely not my cup of tea, the beautiful cover of their newest album Eon Eschatos caught my attention.

The lack of cohesiveness of the album already becomes evident after switching from 'Insurgency' to 'Art of Defiance'. No blame there though, because as soon as they start surprising you with their clever guitar melodies, all is forgotten. Looking at structure, Ghamorean got it figured out pretty well: they wrapped their mediocre, kind of boring songs all warm and cosy in between the best songs and strongest tracks on Eon Eschatos. Some fine primacy and recency effect they put together right there (if it were to be words, that is).

Anyway, despite their smart way of presenting their material, I still feel there’s something missing on this album. Yes, it’s a clear cut production, with interesting occult lyrics and yes the riffs are well balanced between melodic and low tempo on the one hand and piercing your skull on the other hand. The songs have a certain intensity and are quite aggressive, but I feel Ghamorean can do more than this. There’s a thin line between aggressiveness and brutality, but these guys didn’t cross it just yet. If they live up to their potential, Ghamorean might just grow out to something bigger than yet another good Swedish band.

Ghamorean - Eon Eschatos
70/1001Details Self-released
Released on Thursday Feb 12th, 2009
Blackened Death Metal

Writer @Kaar on Tuesday Mar 24th, 2009

Tags: #Ghamorean
Tracklisting 1. Insurgency
2. Art of Defiance
3. Burn Me Like the Kings
4. Humanity Dethroned
5. Faustian Winter
6. Obedience
7. Obey You Shall
8. The Imperial Eye
9. Order Without Man
Line up H. Sundstr�m - Vocals
A. B�tsman - Guitars
S. Persson - Guitars
L. Johansson - Bass
J. Borgstr�m - Drums