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Last Rites - Mind Prison

Italian heavy metal band Last Rites was formed in 1997 by two guitar players Dave and Jan and 'screamer' Matteo. Between 1998 and 1999, the band changed its line-up many times reaching stability with Dave both playing guitar and singing. Even the sound changed as Last Rites evolved from power to speed/thrash metal, when they progressed towards sort of a mixture between Megadeth and Arch Enemy with some melodic inserts.

Already recorded in 2003 and officialy released in September 2004, this album is (unfortunately) not really what I hoped for. Good music, I've got to admit that, but the vocals don't impress me at all! You've got to pay too much attention to the music to actually hear the vocals, which is, in my opinion of course, not like it's supposed to be.

As I said, the music is pretty good though. Nice guitar riffs and pretty much guitar solo's pleased my ears while Last Rites was blasting out of my stereo. Although I like the guitar riffs, it's like they're not original. They remind me too much to other music I've heard before, which is a pity.

Now and then there are some sounds on the album which actually screw up the album more than improve it. Like the end of 'Paradise Lost', it's like the song is still going on, when suddenly the next song starts.

Mind Prison
, an album which you should have in your collection? No! But for the real Last Rites fans I think it's a pretty good album you must own. To those of you who don't know Last Rites, I would say this: just try their music! Last Rites; you either like them or not.

Last Rites - Mind Prison
65/1001Details Two Fat Men
Released on Friday Sep 10th, 2004
Trash / Speed Metal

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Sep 8th, 2004

Tags: #Last Rites
Tracklisting 01. Intro
02. Against War
03. Mind's Prison
04. Psycho Killer (re-recorded)
05. Skeleton (re-recorded)
06. Kaldemonium (instr.)
07. Without Face
08. Prelude
09. Paradise Lost (re-recorded)
10. Coma
11. Poisonous (re-recorded)
Line up Dave - Vocals, Guitar
Jan - Guitar
Mauro - Drums
Libu - Bass