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Mothra - Dyes
Mothra is a kaiju, which translated literally means strange beast. Or as the simple minds like to translate it, a monster. Mothra is a giant, you guessed it, moth-like creature which is seen as an ally with Godzilla (Gojira) in Japanese movies. Of course. This Mothra is actually a highly experimental metal band from Poland, with a record out on Selfmadegod Records entitled Dyes. Let’s check it out.
Dyes is the second full length album released by Mothra, and I must say that I am very impressed with what these Polish dudes display here. This stuff goes from hardcore and grindcore to eclectic rock music mathcore. Bands that really come to mind are Burnt By The Sun, Converge, Coliseum, Pulling Teeth, Antigama, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Nyia. Weird, eclectic music that mixes various styles of metal into one intense whole, ready to knock you off your feet. Mind puzzling rhythms, brutal grooves, nice blasts and hoarse vocals are spread over seven tracks, produced by renowned producer Szymon Czech. A producer who has worked and played with a number of respected Polish metal acts, resulting in a clear yet overwhelming sound.
Overall I wouldn’t say that this record is at the same level as some of the bands mentioned above, but they’re very much on the right path. If they keep this up I see a bright future for Mothra. For now, Dyes is a very tasty appetizer which makes me crave for more.
Mothra - Dyes
76/1001Details Selfmadegod Records
Released on Monday Mar 9th, 2009

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Apr 2nd, 2009

Tags: #Mothra
Tracklisting 1. Squant
2. Hooloovoo
3. Octarine
4. Grue
5. Bleen
6. Fullgin/A
7. Fullgin/B
Line up Egon Warynski - vocals
Daniel Szwed - drums
Andrzej Burzynski - bass
Pawel Stefan Rosiak - guitar