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Superbug - Superbug II
“After their debut album Don’t Let The Bad Bugs Bite their follow up is simply called Superbug II. The CD was recorded in a three year period and counts eleven typical Superbug songs. That means melodic rockers up to furious metal tracks and heart crunching ballads. All with a distinctive own sound, pounding drums, roaring guitars, majestic vocals and catchy choruses.” Well, well, well…
I’ll help you out right away here by saying I do not agree with what’s being said above. This isn’t furious metal, this ain’t heart crunching ballads and there’s not much roaring guitar work either. But hey, at least it’s melodic rock! One out of four, that’s not enough for me to be quite honest. Now, sure there’s some nice songs on Superbug II, but after hearing the third track, ‘Can’t Slow Down’, I couldn’t take this band serious anymore. Why, dear god, oh why? This is just a downright Bon Jovi rip-off! Now, we’re open minded at, believe me! But Bon Jovi is just a few steps out of our/my direction.
Fortunately there’s also nice rock songs on the disc, for example ‘Into The Fire’, which isn’t something exactly to my likings, but at least it shows the rock ‘n’ roll side of the band. Actually, the beginning of the track reminds me a bit of Wolfmother, while the rest of the song sounds somewhat like the Dutch rock band Wasted. Anybody remembers that one?! Then again, the lyrics to this song are quite simplistic; fire….higher….desire? Come on guys! There’s gotta be more original things in your minds!
So is this album really full of crap? Absolutely not! To be honest, I think there’s many people out there that will dig this album and I don’t even doubt the fact that this band rocks on stage. But as you’re reading this review on, I can tell you with 90% certainty, that you’re not looking for Superbug to add to your record collection. Modern classic rock that reminds a bit of Bon Jovi versus Wolfmother versus Wasted. Sure it’s catchy sometimes, but all in all it just isn’t anything new or groundbreaking. Besides, the songs are a bit too lengthy and cheesy to keep things interesting (for me).
Superbug - Superbug II
63/1001Details PMM Records
Released on Monday Dec 8th, 2008

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Apr 8th, 2009

Tags: #Superbug
Tracklisting 01. Killin� The Habit
02. Delicious And Fine
03. I Can�t Slow Down
04. Dangerzone
05. Into The Fire
06. Power 2 Peace
07. Bad Boy Blues
08. Speedin� Up
09. Turn You On!
10. Electrified
11. New York Minute
Line up Mo Elzibar - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Franky T - Drums
JS Bass - Bass, Backing Vocals
HH Dacount - Guitar, Backing Vocals