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Nailed - Hatred Failure & The Extinction Of Mankind
Nailed hails from the barren wastelands of West Yorkshire Britain and have just released their second album called Hatred, Failure & The Extinction Of Mankind. Their debut album A Pure World Is A Dead World was a product of a lot of past members of Nailed and you could say that their latest effort will be the next step in the career of Nailed. At least that’s probably the global idea.
From the first tones of ‘Requiem For A Dying Sun’ they gave me quite a slap in the face considering I got used to all those useless intros of bands nowadays. When I overcome the mental blow I realised I should have seen it coming considering Nailed plays typical straight forward brutal death metal. Indeed the music style that doesn’t follow trends and just tries to blow away the listener.
Well to be honest the blow away part will only happen when you turn the volume totally open, even then I would doubt if it even will happen. The musicians are skilled enough to produce some typical death metal riffs, blasting drums and growling vocals. The only thing is that the total package is done several times before and of course probably all those times were better.
I’m not saying that the album is total crap, the only thing is that there’s nothing new in this slaughterhouse and the trick has been done many times before. The real death metal fan could consider a spin or two. As for the occasional metal head, there’s more and better stuff present on the death metal market.
Nailed - Hatred Failure & The Extinction Of Mankind
55/1001Details Anticulture
Released on Thursday Oct 23rd, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @Niamen on Wednesday Apr 15th, 2009

Tags: #Nailed
Tracklisting 01. Requiem For A Dying Sun
02. Rupture Savior
03. Tranquilities Abortion
04. Structures For The Despised
05. Hatred, Failure & The Extinction Of Mankind
06. Penetrate To Humiliate
07. Circle Of Decay
08. Ritual Abuse
Line up Jim Knights - Guitars
Garth \"Vader\" Wray - Drums
Mass Firth - Guitar/Vocals
Dan Cocker - Bass/Vocals