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Hermh - Cold Blood Messiah
Hermh is a Polish vampiric black/death metal band that plays music in the vein of Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. They exist since 1993 but this is my first encounter with the band. Well, since Poland is doing just fine in the metal scene these days, let’s find out whether we’ve got another worthy band to add to their roster here.
What can I say, what can I say? Well, I am surprised, that’s for sure. Since I’m not a fan of the bands mentioned above, Hermh definitely did a good job on this album because I actually like this music. Cold Blood Messiah makes for a dark, depressive forty-minute ride. But the whole is not too dark. It keeps you focused on the music and doesn’t necessarily make you wander off to imaginative depressive landscapes. The music is heavy as fuck, you’ll find quite some bass drum attacks and fortunately there’s not a lot of keyboard sounds and choirs in it for that would make the music a little less aggressive in my opinion.    
As the album comes to an end, suddenly there’s this massive wall of sound in ‘Who Can Be Against Us’. It instantly makes me wonder why this song wasn’t put in the beginning of the album to absolutely blow the listener’s head off. Then again, it’s kinda cool to finish an album with such a kick in the nuts as well. At least it leaves you behind longing for more noise. And that’s basically the feeling I have with this album; it’s nice and heavy and I could even hear more of it for a while. But in the end it’s not something completely refreshing. Let’s keep it at this: above average black metal. With an extra making-of DVD that is. Wow!
Hermh - Cold Blood Messiah
72/1001Details Regain Records
Released on Wednesday Feb 25th, 2009
Black Metal

Writer @Boek on Friday Apr 17th, 2009

Tags: #Hermh
Tracklisting 01. Hairesis
02. Instrumentum Diaboli
03. Eyes Of The Blind Lamb
04. Lord Shall Be Revealed
05. I Bring You Fear
06. Sin Is The Law
07. Gnosis
08. Who Can Be Against Us
09. In My Flesh I See God

Bonus DVD:
The Making of Messiah
Line up Zuber - Drums
Bart - Vocals
Hal - Bass
Socaris - Guitar
Maar - Guitar