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Cutdown - Cutdown
With the release of Building A Legacy - Volume 2: A Document Of Finnish Hardcore I got familiar with the band Cutdown. Just like their country mates from Third Man Down they released their new full-length shortly after the release of that compilation. Contrary to Third Man Down Cutdown presents a disc full of new, previously unreleased music though.

Cutdown was formed back in 2001 and shortly after their first gig they realized the powerful sound they wanted to have wasn’t going to happen with just one guitarist, so they recruited a fifth band member. With this second guitar player they played all over Europe, without any ideologies or political agendas in mind. Their only goal was to play heavy music and to have fun.

I can’t judge whether they have fun with this band or not. What I can say is that they’ve definitely achieved their goal to play heavy music. This album is filled with some heavy-as-shit hardcore and it’s very enjoyable at the same time. Except for the guest vocals on closer ‘Rise And Fall’, which are a welcome addition by the way, you easily think this is some upcoming band from The States. They sound modern, but they’ve definitely got their roots in the American hardcore of the nineties.

Are you still listening to last year’s release of Terror, The Damned, The Shamed, then it’s definitely time to move on and put Cutdown in your CD-player. You’ll like it!
Cutdown - Cutdown
80/1001Details Full House Records
Released on Wednesday Feb 25th, 2009

Writer @Gilles on Thursday Apr 23rd, 2009

Tags: #Cutdown
Tracklisting 01. Deadweight
02. Days Of My Past
03. Drift Apart
04. Tear Down The Lies
05. Turn The Tide
06. Never Again
07. Stand Up, Wise Up
08. Can’t Save Your Soul
09. Crushed By The Weight
10. Rise And Fall
Line up Esa – Vocals
Matti – Guitar
Häkki – Guitar
Kalle – Bass
Arttu – Drums