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Fondlecorpse - Creaturegore
Originally formed in 1996, the Dutch death metal/grindcore outfit Fondlecorpse released its very first full length record only recently, through the prestigious Razorback Recordings. Creaturegore is the name, which should make you think of such films as Critters and The Gremlins, cult horror-classics with a smile. Let’s see what this band has in store for us.
Fondlecorpse play some decent old school death metal with a good healthy dose of humour. This humour is manifested in funny samples from movies like The Gremlins and such, but also a bit of funny porn stuff can be found on this record. Why else name a song ‘Sluts And Bolts’ or ‘Nymphomatic Zombie Rapist’. The music these guys play is far from original, but the songs are well written and nicely produced and the band packs a good vocalist that does have a bit of a sound of his own. The nice mid-tempo groove that is predominantly present on Creaturegore is well capable of getting some heads to bang or some pits to circle. Brutal beer-drinking music for drunk death metal heads. Luckily one of the guitarists knows how to add some melody to the music, making it a bit more dynamic and less one sided.
Combined with the very nice artwork featured on this record, Creaturegore is a nice package for the average death metal lover. The band is preparing to play their first live shows this year, so beware of the couch-potato assault unit! And don’t be feeding your mogwai after midnight!
Fondlecorpse - Creaturegore
78/1001Details Razorback Recordings
Released on Thursday Mar 12th, 2009
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Apr 29th, 2009

Tags: #Fondlecorpse
Tracklisting 01. Invasion 02:29
02. Pillage Burn Kill 04:12
03. Ghoulish Tales 02:46
04. Hideous (Revenge Of The Aborted Oddities) 02:42
05. The Nightbreed 03:44
06. The Hermit 03:54
07. Goremarine 03:00
08. Sluts And Bolts 03:17
09. Krite Attack 03:47
10. Nymphomatic Zombie Rapist 04:29
11. Dont Feed After Midnight 03:46
Line up Mathijs Brussard - Bass
Bas Brussard - Guitar
Silvester \"The Goregnome\" - Vocals
Robert Kovicic - Drums
Erwin Harreman - Guitar