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Daath - The Concealers
Two years ago we were very pleased with Daath’s Roadrunner debut The Hinderers. After two years of touring, having problems with the lineup and writing and recording a new album they now try to please us some more with their Century Media debut The Concealers. The biggest part of the conservative metalheads amongst us didn’t like their previous record due to the combination of extreme metal and electronics. For those guys I’ve got some good news though: Mike Kameron, responsible for the keyboards/synthesizer, isn’t in the band anymore and the others haven’t replaced him.
On The Concealers, the band still uses a keyboard for some of the fade outs, but that’s all. Due to the fact they don’t use that much electronics anymore the new album sounds way more death metal than their previous one. This different sound is also due to a change in vocalists. Where Sean Farber sung on The Hinderers, it’s now Sean Z that took place behind the mic. Founding member of the band Eyal Levi even said that in his opinion The Concealers is the first true Daath record. At this moment he just sees The Hinderers as a demo that was released worldwide. Personally I think such a comment is very disrespectful towards his previous band members. Sure, you may think these songs are the best you and your band members have ever written and played, but that can be said in a more tactful way than Levi did. 
Back to the music then. Daath has made an album that has got every aspect in it to become a great record. What they deliver isn’t that great at all though. Sure, there are some killer tracks on it with aggressive vocals, tight pounding drums and a great interaction between the two guitarists. Unfortunately they haven’t put these elements in all of their songs. Furthermore they’ve lost the elements that made them unique and stand out two years ago. This album also could have been written by a melo-death band without being backed by a major label.
Another thing that is partially missing on The Concealers is the concept. At first they described their band as "an exploration of the Tree Of Life". This Tree Of Life (and/or Death) is part of a mystical belief spanning many cultures, including Egyptian, Sumerian and Hebrew traditions. This tree consists of 13 branches and therefore Daath is trying to make an album about each branch individually with 13 tracks on each album (go to their website for a detailed explanation). The lyrics on The Concealers are unfortunately way more general than on The Hinderers though. Furthermore this disc contains 11 tracks instead of the promised 13. It seems like they just want to follow the trend of extreme metal bands conquering the market and due to that, they’ve made some concessions in their approach towards their own albums/music.
The Concealers definitely is a really nice album, but with The Hinderers still in the back of my mind I just can’t give it a score higher than 68%.
Daath - The Concealers
68/1001Details Century Media Records
Released on Tuesday Apr 21st, 2009
Extreme Metal

Writer @Gilles on Friday May 8th, 2009

Tags: #Daath
Tracklisting 01. Sharpen The Blades
02. Self-Corruption Manifesto
03. The Worthless
04. The Unbinding Truth
05. Silenced
06. Wilting On The Vine
07. Translucent Potency
08. Day Of Endless Light
09. Duststorm
10. …Of Poisoned Sorrows
11. Incestuous Amplification
Line up Sean Z – Vocals
Eyal Levi – Guitar
Emil Werstler – Guitar
Jeremy Creamer – Bass
Kevin Talley – Drums
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