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Gods Of Fire - Wrath Of The Gods

The current stage of my life is filled with heavy- and powermetal. I love the classics such as [b]Iron Maiden[/b] and [b]W.A.S.P.[/b], but also newcomers such as [b]Dream Evil[/b] and [b]Astral Doors[/b]. I can still remember the moment I first heard [b]W.A.S.P.[/b]'s [i]Chainsaw Charlie[/i]... it was magical, as it was with [b]Judas Priest[/b]'s [i]Jawbreaker[/i] and many others. When I heard about the existence of [b]Gods Of Fire[/b], I was kind of hoping to relive such an experience...

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. [i]Welcome To Hell[/i], the first song on [i]Wrath Of The Gods[/i], begins with a very strong riff and solid batteryworks. But when the 'vocalist god' begins to chant his words of spellcasting, some of the magic disappears. His voice just doesn't quite suit the riffs in a way. Then there are the very annoying guitarleads / solos; they gave me a headache just by listening to them. Not because they're bad, but purely because the sound is ice-cold and very high-pitched.
[i]City Of Gold[/i], the second song on this debut, kicks in with a beautiful acoustic riff. But then it's the same story all over again: very good riffs, unfitting vocals and very annoying guitarleads / solos.
The album as a whole is very diverse: occasionally small grunts can be heard, pauses in songs have a surprisingly positive effect and the melodies are very good.

It pains me to see a band with so much potential releasing a mediocre debut album. It is on these kind of moments I sink back into my chair and dream of past times when bands like [b]Iron Maiden[/b] ruled the underground metalscene. Anyway, if it comes to giving [b]Gods Of Fire[/b] a place in the world of metal, I'd say that these gods still have a long way to go before they reach heaven.


Fra Diavolo: drums
DJ Blood Sacrifice: 7 string and acoustic guitars, keyboards, background vocals
Prometheus: lead and harmony vocals
Doctor Time: 4 and 5 string bass
Saucy Jack: 6 string and acoustic guitars, background vocals

[b]Tracklist:[/b]1. Welcome To Hell
2. City Of Gold
3. Hyperion
4. The Long Walk
5. Digital Neon
6. Eternally Strong
7. Nectar Of The Gods
8. Prometheus Unbound

Gods Of Fire - Wrath Of The Gods
65/1001Details Black Thirteen Recording Company
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Heavy Metal

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Monday Sep 20th, 2004

Tags: #Gods Of Fire
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