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Scarlet Violet - Animated Freaks
Scarlet Violet just released their debut album called Animated Freaks. The band, which came together in 2005, scored a record deal in March 2008 which gave them the opportunity to write their first full length album. Let’s see what these Italian rockers have to say.
A sweet intro of a musicbox that is overwhelmed by the heavy guitar riff of the song ‘Hey You!’ is a great way to start the album. The raunchy guitar riffs combined with the typical glamrock vocals shows that the arrows of the band are aimed at the good old hairmetal scene. This first song is quite catchy to be honest. Especially the singing along during the chorus gives me this feeling. After this it’s on with ‘Dirty Little Whore’ which is probably about the birds and the bees. Not the most exciting song if you’d ask me.
Sadly enough this ‘birds and bees’ song is not the only one on this album that sucks. The punk song ‘Hollywood’, the inspireless ‘Bad Reputation’ or the irritating ‘Who’s To Blame’ are all songs that don’t even deserve to be on any record. They lack inspiration and just keep on going and going just to bore me to death. Thank god for the skip button.
Well, is the entire album utterly crap then? At first I tend to say yes, but that wouldn’t be fair. Especially since there are a couple of songs that are worthwhile mentioning, the songs ‘Hey You!’ and  ‘Dead For Good’ are quite entertaining and even made me believe that the band is capable of writing good songs for a second. I guess you can draw you own conclusions from this piece.
Scarlet Violet - Animated Freaks
40/1001Details Sliptrick Records
Released on Wednesday Oct 15th, 2008
Rock 'n Roll / Glamrock

Writer @Niamen on Friday May 8th, 2009

Tags: #Scarlet Violet
Tracklisting 01. Animated Freaks
02. Hey You!
03. Dirty Little Whore
04. Hollywood
05. Back On A Bend
06. Bad Reputation
07. In Front Of You
08. Dead For Good
09. Who's To Blame
10. Gates To Heaven
11. Ready To Rock
12. Cutie Pie
Line up L.A - Vocals
Fedexx - Bass
Fylo - Guitar
Joey - Drums