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Wizard - Thor

The German metalheads of Wizard are among the few bands that are still true to their power metal roots they once started with. Among their previous albums is a concept album about the Nordic God Odin that was well received by press and fans. Eventually that album convinced Gravedigger to take the band along on tour. Five years after the release of Odin, Wizard is back with another concept album. This time it’s Thor, the God of thunder that’s playing the main lead.


Between Odin and Thor the albums Goochan and Magic Circle were released with a new guitar player called Dano Boland. Before the latest album the original member Micheal Maaß returned and Wizard decided to continue with two guitar players.


The combination of two guitar players turned out very well for Wizard. Not only do the furious riffs fly around, the entire album produces a wall of sound that blows you away. This is of course the work of producer Andy Horn (Rob Rock, Halford). Take for example the first song ‘Utgard (False Games)’ that contains some great riffing combined with the powerful vocals of Sven D’Anna. With the ballad ‘Serpents Venom’ we see a different side of Wizard. This powerful ballad builds up into a rock song of almost epic proportions.


The concept story of Thor is the red line throughout the entire album. With the original release this story is backed by some great artwork of Katja Piolka, who you might know from his work with Primal Fear, Sinner and Leaves Eyes, in an extensive booklet. All together a great package that is worth your hard earned money.


It’s pretty obvious that Wizard took care of the entire package of the album, which I really appreciate. I mean, if the albums nowadays just contain the CD and a 2-page booklet I won’t get excited at all, I want the entire package. When you’re into the typical German power metal you’ll probably love this album.

Wizard - Thor
80/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Wednesday Jan 9th, 2030
Power Metal / Speed Metal

Writer @Niamen on Saturday May 9th, 2009

Tags: #Wizard
Tracklisting 1. Utgard (False Games)
2. Midgards Guardian
3. Asgard
4. Serpents Venom
5. Resurrection
6. The Visitor
7. What Would You Do?
8. Utgard (The Beginning)
9. Stolen Hammer
10. Lightning
11. Pounding In The Night
Line up Sven D'Anna - vocals
Dano Boland - guitar
Micheal Maass - guitar
V. Leson - Bass
Soren van Heek - drums