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Jupiter VI - Back From Mars
Jupiter VI is the seond band from mister Jimmy P. Brown, the brain behind the Christian metal band Deliverance for over 20 years now. With Jupiter VI he returns to his roots of classic rock, or as some call it these days, adult orientated rock (AOR). Let’s see if Back From Mars has to offer something to the scene.
Okay, expect over the top hair-metal vocals, groovy classic rock riffs, a cheesy production and even cheesier (fucking Christian!) lyrics, and you’ve got Jupiter VI. According to the biography Jimmy Brown has a loyal fanbase for his metal band and all of his projects, but according to the biography Jupiter VI is influenced by “classics” like The Strokes and The Killers (and David Bowie, but I consider it a sin to name his name in this review). Classics? What the fuck did I miss? To me it seems that most of his retarded Christian fans reside in the great metal-nation of Germany, since he felt like recording the title track a second time for this record, only this time sung in German. Yuck!
Okay, here are some reasons not to buy this shit. It’s Christian (and thus retarded), it’s cheesier than Cheddar, it’s pretty gay from time to time, all the classic bands are better than this and well, this website is still called Metalrage and not Christian classic gay rockrage. What did you expect out of this review?
If you like Iron Maiden but you feel like they’re Satanic, consider checking Jupiter VI. All you metalheads, preserve yourself from this one. Back From Mars is the equivalent of celibacy, I’d rather go out and fuck a priest instead of listening to it again. Please go back to Mars and stay there, forever.
Jupiter VI - Back From Mars
40/1001Details Retroactive Records
Released on Friday Oct 31st, 2008

Writer @DemonDust on Monday May 11th, 2009

Tags: #Jupiter VI
Tracklisting 01. Back From Mars
02. The Human Endeavor
03. Mimes XIII.II
04. Corporate Stiff
05. From Here Till Ever
06. Passions
07. In A World Of...
08. All Day And All Of The Night
09. Through The Speakers (Alien Synth Mix)
10. Lucidia
11. Brand New Day
12. Zurich From Mars
Line up Peter Braun - vocals/guitars
Helmut Stegel - guitars/backing vocals
Remedios Innocentes - bass/guitars
Spirios Filios - drums
Darby Flowers - piano/keyboards