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69 Chambers - War On The Inside
The cover of 69 Chambers debut effort shows a nice young lady naked in a bath tub. The lady that is covered with tattoos is also the lead singer of the band Nina Treml. Nina is the typical example of a world citizen. She grew up in South Korea, moved to Singapore when she was seven and from the age of sixteen onwards, she lived in Switserland. For the inspiration of their debut album she travelled to the United States just to let the unfreedom of the land of the free inspire her. She returned with thirteen songs and the recording process started.
The music of the power threesome is a mixture of Soundgarden, Kyuss and maybe some Black Sabbath. It’s pretty obvious the album exists of female vocals and luckily enough not in a gothic kind of way. Most of the time the powerful voice of Nina combines both melody and brutality that fits exactly with the music. This even results in some grunts from this lady in ‘Judas Goat’.
The only major problem I have with this album is that it doesn’t grab me, I’ve listened to it for several times but it just doesn’t affect me. There are some decent songs present on this album, for example ‘The Day Of The Locust’ which is even suitable for an MTV videoclip or ‘Return Of The Repressed’ that contains some great riffs and ditto drumming. On the other hand there are a lot of tracks that are just floating by without grabbing my attention. The only really positive thing about this album is probably the killer production which was in the hands of Tommy Vetterli.
Overall War On The Inside is not the album I would buy. Don’t get me wrong, the music isn’t utterly crap, the thing is that it all sounds uninspired. I'd say check them out yourself but don’t forget what I said. So eventually I can say ‘told you so’.
69 Chambers - War On The Inside
50/1001Details Silverwolf Productions
Released on Tuesday Apr 9th, 2024
Metal / Grunge

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday May 12th, 2009

Tags: #69 Chambers
Tracklisting 01. The Day Of The Locust
02. Bloodaxe
03. Dead Letter Office
04. Thinking About You
05. On The Inside
06. Ex Nihilo
07. Return Of The Repressed
08. Judas Goat
09. The Collapse Of Time and Space
10. Wind Feeds Fire
11. Final Memento
12. Automatic Automata
Line up Nina Treml - vocals, guitar
Maddy Madarasz - bass, backing vocals
Michi Brugger - drums