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All Hail The Ruin - Vultures
Hailing from Birmingham, the same city where the mighty Black Sabbath came from, maybe gives a little step ahead on other bands. On the other hand there are probably a thousand bands that are from the same city as All Hail The Ruin. These five lads have been terrorizing the ears of the deathcore/mathcore/metalcore kids in their region since 2006, which eventually lead to their second EP called Vultures.
The main problem lately is that the market is flooded with this kind of bands. Did I say flooded? I mean FLOODED. Every band is playing like hell, riffs like bulldozers, drums like a squadron of B-52s and on top of that there’s a vocalist that’s screaming his guts out like the world is ending. Of course I like those bands every now and then, but not 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which is the time that you’ll need just to keep up with all the releases within that genre. 
Sadly enough All Hail The Ruin couldn’t bring me the salvation of finally finding a band within the genre that’s worth listening to. Don’t get me wrong, I deeply respect these guys, especially since I know I’m not able to produce such riffs or drums. The only thing is that it has all been done before. Some screams here, a brutal breakdown there. Tight riffs combined with brutal drums. It’s just the same like all those other bands that have released their albums in the last year.
Pretty obvious All Hail The Ruin couldn’t impress me with their second EP. For the real youngsters that are following every band within the genre it might be interesting, but as far as I’m concerned it's another redundant release in the world of death-, math-, metalcore.
All Hail The Ruin - Vultures
40/1001Details Glasstone Records
Released on Monday Feb 9th, 2009
Deathcore/ mathcore/ metalcore

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday May 12th, 2009

Tags: #All Hail The Ruin
Tracklisting 01. Prophecy
02. For All We Know (They Could Be Dead)
03. Vultures
04. Fate Of The Fallen
Line up Morgan Tedd - vocals
Ashley Sheldon - guitar
Matthew Keeling - guitar
Jamie Dutton - bass
Andrew Bevan - drums