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The Rectvm Satans - Occult Blood
In Pennsylvania there is this retarded band called The Rectvm Satans. Although I’ve started to appreciate black metal more and more recently, I still love it when people make fun of it. That is exactly the case with The Rectvm Satans, who have just released their fourth self-produced demo entitled Occult Blood. Style of music as they call it: brown metal. Yes, as in poop-brown. Funny!
Well it would be dumb for me to approach this release seriously, yet the six songs on this record still have quite some serious elements of black metal in it. The crappy, grim recording quality, harsh vocals and an evil atmosphere. Yet with song titles like ‘Ding Her In The Dinger’, ‘Our Turd Reigns’ and ‘Beelzebowel’, it is very hard to take them serious.
I guess this record is good for pissing off some true Satanists, which is something I like. Yet for the rest this is just a dumb-ass release that doesn’t get them anywhere. The bio states that the band has not yet performed live, but I think that if they do so it would be a cabaret-like show. Check out the artwork and song-titles for some good laughs, but don’t really listen to the music. You might as well get yourself a Striborg record, which is equally funny.
Go brown metallers! Poop out the dark overlord!
The Rectvm Satans - Occult Blood
0/1001Details Self Released
Released on Monday May 18th, 2009
Brown Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday May 13th, 2009

Tags: #The Rectvm Satans
Tracklisting 1. Ding Her In The Dinger
2. Rectvm Community Services Inc.
3. Cuidado! Piso Con Caca!
4. Our Turd Reigns
5. Beelzebowel
6. Wave Of Peristalsis
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