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Sarke - Vorunah
I still consider Khold's Masterpiss Of Pain a classic 'black-metal' record that they've never rivaled after that. Clearly main-man Sarke (also of Tulus fame) thought somewhat the same and he took matters in his own hands. Completely written and performed by himself, except for the vocals which are handled by the legendary Nocturno Culto
According to the bio Sarke was looking to all bands who inspired him in the early days for inspiration. But from that long list of names, only Celtic Frost is a directly noticable influence. Most of the time Sarke sounds a bit more like an atmospheric and technical (which doesn't mean proggy.. it's not hard being less simplistic than Khold) version of Khold with Nocturnal Culto on vocals. He doesn't use a classic black-metal rasp but more of a raw screaming (almost mournful in  a way) voice which gives everything a nice barbaric undertone.
So is this is any good? Sure, it is. But it's nothing really special I'm afraid. Only on the last track, 'Dead Universe', there's some magic and some speedy variation. And that's seven songs too late... If you like your metal Celtic Frosted, be sure to check this out but don't expect anything new or spectacular.
Sarke - Vorunah
76/1001Details Indie Recordings
Released on Monday Apr 27th, 2009
Celtic Frosted Metal

Writer @Ce-El-Wan on Thursday May 14th, 2009

Tags: #Sarke
Tracklisting 1. Primitive Killing
2. Vorunah
3. The Drunken Priest
4. Frost Junkie
5. Old
6. Cult Ritual
7. 13 Candles
8. Dead Universe
Line up Sarke: Guitars, bass and drums
Nocturno Culto: Vocals