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Eternal Flight - Positive Rage

When I got this cd out of my mailbox I first took a good look at its cover. 'The artwork looks like a Doro or Warlock cover' was my first impression. and I was right, the cover was designed by Geoffrey Gillespie, who was responsible for most of the Doro and Warlock artwork.

I had my doubts, because I'm not really a Doro fan.

I put the record into my cd-player and I was positively surprised!: it was heavy metal, no... progressive heavy metal. And pretty good progressive heavy metal I must say!

Why didn't I know this band before? The answer to that is quite simple: Progressive Rage is their first cd. And I surely hope it isn't their last one.

A bell will ring for some people: Eternal Flight? Sounds familiar... Indeed, Eternal Flight is also a song of the first cd of the French heavy metal band Dream Child, whose singer was G�rard Fois. Dream Child made three albums and after a line-up change, G�rard Fois changed the name into Eternal Flight.

The production is great, just like the songs. Heavy riffs combined with bombastic parts and ballad-like stuff. The musicians surely know how to play their instruments. And the vocals are great. Damn these songs are catchy!
First I thought it would be an Italian or German band, but I was wrong: Eternal Flight is from France. I don't know many French bands, but this band surely made quite an impression on me.

Tracking list:

1. The Masks will fall

2. guardians

3. All we are

4. New world

5. Real

6. Secret place

7. Beyond (the golden gates)

8. Prelude (-ath is not the end)

9. Back into the light (Renaissance)

10. Morphoenix

11. The moon king

Eternal flight is:

G�rard Fois - lead vocals, acoustic guitar

S�bastien Vibert - keyboards

Nicolas Jeanpierre - bass

Christophe Offredi - lead and rythm guitars

Alexandre Stellini - drums

Eternal Flight - Positive Rage
91/1001Details CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
progressive heavy metal

Writer @Arcane on Thursday Sep 23rd, 2004

Tags: #Eternal Flight
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