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Earth Crisis - To The Death
A couple of years ago I spoke to Karl Buechner before a Path Of Resistance show. Back then he told me that there was no intention to bring Earth Crisis back to life. Well, a couple of years later when the entire world is in a crisis, Earth Crisis returns and shows their straight Edge face with their latest effort To The Death.
The timing couldn’t be more perfect as To The Death is one big middle finger to all those people who didn’t take any notice of the messages Earth Crisis (and later Path Of Resistance) told. The million dollar question is of course if they still have it, certainly concerning the last albums weren’t so well received by the regular fanbase. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it only takes one minute of this album to discover they still got it. The sound is very similar to Breed The Killers and Destroy The Machines but with an up-to-date production that gives the songs just the right kick in the ass.
With the furious beginning of ´Against The Current´ the shit hits the fan and doesn’t stop until the last tones of To The Death are dying away. Of course the intensity of this album doesn’t meet the standards of for example God Forbid, Hatebreed or Terror, but still they manage to convince me that this is the best they could do at this point. And with the screaming and growling vocals of Karl Buechner they push every song to another level.
As for the lyrics I can be short. Of course they handle the subjects they’ve always handled and I know not everyone has the same ideas. But on the other hand the album is very powerful and also shows that you don’t have to show off with strange rhythms or fancy guitar tunes to create a killer metalcore album. Fans of the band can buy this one blindfolded. As for the fans of All Out War, Merauder and also the new metalcore acts; check this one out ASAP.
Earth Crisis - To The Death
80/1001Details Century Media
Released on Monday Apr 20th, 2009
Hardcore / Straight Edge

Writer @Niamen on Monday May 25th, 2009

Tags: #Earth Crisis
Tracklisting 01. Against The Current
02. To Ashes
03. So Others Live
04. Security Threat # 1
05. When Slaves Revolt
06. Plague Bearers
07. Control Through Fear
08. Cities Fall
09. Eye Of Babylon
10. What Horrifies
11. To The Death
Line up Karl Buechner - vocals
Scott Grouse - guitar
Erick Edwards - guitar
Bulldog - bass
Dennis Merrick - drums