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ATTA - I Just Love To Say I Called You
In a land far far away there were three guys that were anxious to get into a band. So finally those three lads decided to join forces. All those power combined resulted in ATTA since someone already came up with the name Gloryhole. After a couple of rehearses the first songs were taped and released. At least that is the information I got from their website, which also pointed out to me that they are really not taking life very serious. Especially with a statement that the members of the bands are still retards. I’m curious what those retards made of their debut album called I Just Loved To Say I Called You.
The fun pop punk of ATTA reminds me a bit of bands like Blink 182 and Sum 41, only with the slight difference that the lyrics on this album are stuffed with dull humor. The lyrics are about the every day problems of a teenager. I guess you could say it’s the audio version of American Pie. The only question is whether you should be proud of that.
The music is just as boring as there lyrics. Without any type of shame it's pure entertainment what ATTA has to offer. It’s nice that the band itself is enjoying the music because I’m not. Well I guess it’s nice you can have fun about shitting your pants and all that stuff, but the album is just too simple and loses its entertainment value within a couple of turns.
ATTA - I Just Love To Say I Called You
50/1001Details Toypie Records
Released on Saturday Jun 9th, 2001
Punk Rock / Fun Punk

Writer @Niamen on Monday Jun 1st, 2009

Tags: #ATTA
Tracklisting 01. The! (great new song of power and success)
02. Sunshine
03. Get me there
04. Panties
05. Access denied
06. CPR
07. 250 boys per minute
08. Pretty little notes
09. Jerk
10. Karaoke night
11. Sneak a peek
12. Love song
Line up Joäl - Guitar & vocals
Ohlin - Bass & vocals
Agge Bones - drums