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Detrimentum - A Monument Of The Suffering

When I attended Obscene Extreme 2004 in Trutnov, I also enjoyed a band called Detrimentum. With their ultra brutal vocals and chopping death metal they certainly kicked some ass and you can understand the look on my face when I saw that a promo from Detrimentum had arrived. The discussion will be about the mini album called A Monument To The Suffering. Detrimentum have a quite own style of death metal because they slightly mix it with grindcore and black metal. There are a lot death/grind bands in this world, but Detrimentum has its own sound. Based in the U.K., this is one of the few ultra blasting death metal bands I know from that region, except for Amputated. These bands were unknown to me before Obscene. If this is a promise for the development of the death/grind scene of England, I'm really curious!


The album is not a full album but a mini, with 5 songs on it of a total lenght of 25 minutes. These 25 minutes are filled with tremendous blast beats and a voice that can make maggots shrivel and glide back in their dark holes. The filthy vocals are in shrill contrast to the extreme cool music and this is certainly music I like. Check the vocals on the last part of Regurgitate The Putrescence and be stunned! It isn't blasting all the time though, because the music reaches a quite technical ratio. With interesting tempo and scheme changes, this is not your ordinary death metal. It rather changes from very technical aspects, to old school monotone blasting. The average song length is around 4.30 minutes and that's quite extraordinary for blasting death metal. I was afraid that it might begin to bore after 3 minutes, but Detrimentum accomplish it to keep your attention during the whole mini.


This album is not the very best in it's genre, but it's certainly not a bad album. It's above average and I'm curious for the full-length. I definitely can assure you that they have an asskicking live act, as I saw them on Obscene Extreme. They have put the extreme live energy perfectly into this record. I can only state this as a job well done! There is one thing I need to tell; this album is a re-release from older material. I just don't care about that, it's about the music and I definitely liked it.


Track List:

1: The First Three Circles Of Hell (Epitaph For The Disfigured)
2: Regurgitate The Putrescence (Spiritual Scarification)
3: Spell Of Miserable Incantation
4: The Soul Ebbing Away
5: Odyssey Through Torment (The Path Towards Ruin)


Line Up:


Bass/Vocals - Eddie
Guitar - Jon
Guitar - Paul
Drums - Rushy

Detrimentum - A Monument Of The Suffering
81/1001Details Grindethic Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday Sep 23rd, 2004

Tags: #Detrimentum
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