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Ooh La La - Free At Last
Sidney based 70's rockers Ooh La La is surfing on the wave of the current 70's revival in the sea of good music. Now honestly, have you ever read a more crappy ass start to a review? I know, but have you ever heard a band with a more crappy ass bandname? I rest my case...

The revival kicked off some years ago with bands like Wolfmother and The Answer. Maybe even earlier with The Strokes and Jet, but let's not get hung up on who did what and when, and just praise the fact that it happened. Since daddy's records didn't do too good anymore, now there were some new bands kickin' it seventies style! Ooh La La takes us back in time to a universe where Led Zeppelin and bands alike ruled the world. I for one, hate the fact that I missed that era...

Free At Last is a great album that can measure up to the other bands in the revival. There's a constant high level of rock on this record, with a highlight at "When Water Turns To Wine". The 32 minutes is just enough to keep it interesting for us listeners. A longer record might have been boring at the end, but now the energy stays preserved until the end.

The guitar riffs are what you can expect on a record like this, a little less heavy than The Answer. Drums and bass do their thing and the vocals are really good. Lyrics aren't interesting but who cares, just put this mother on and dance the night away!
Ooh La La - Free At Last
83/1001Details Bad Reputation
Released on Monday Jun 1st, 2009
70's Rock

Writer @LondonCustoms on Thursday Jun 4th, 2009

Tags: #Ooh La La
Tracklisting 1. Free at Last
2. Don't Fight the Feeling
3. You Gotta Move
4. Lovin' Hand
5. I Am Who I Am
6. Get on Yer Knees & Pray
7. Yeah People
8. When Water Turns to Wine
9. Tonight Only
10. Chop the Mutha Down
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