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Doler - Alternative Hypothesis

I've just received a copy of a demo disk of Doler, or Last Erection, the cd says Doler but if you download the bio on their site it says Last Erection so I am a bit confused right now. But enough of that crap lets discuss the band and this demo.

Well this surprises me a little bit, it is rock and hardcore and sometimes death metal and sometimes melodic with a really calm voice.

The sound is quite cool; I like this kind of music, it makes you want to take your feet off the floor and it stays in your head the whole fucking day!! 

The fist song sounds quite impressing; it starts like a bit of very hard 'rock' what I really like. The drums are not too difficult, but it's just right, rock and roll!!!!

The third song starts with a grunt, than another R&R part, and later in the song some death metal but man they have to cut that shit because it fuckes up the whole song, it includes a low grunt which doesn't bother me that much but there comes another 'scream grunt' and that makes my ears twist in a knot beside my head! That guy has to stop doing that because he is killing the song!

My opinion is that the band is doing very well but they have to make some adjustments if you ask me, because I really hate those 'death metal' parts in the songs.

The rest of the music sounds very good. 

Doler - Alternative Hypothesis
Released on Wednesday Sep 14th, 2005

Writer @Dinges on Thursday Sep 30th, 2004

Tags: #Doler
Tracklisting 1. Stiffy
2. Shitkicker
3. Docter Chains Cape and Ape Fear
4. Doler
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