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Accelerators - Accelerators
First off; making a record under 30 minutes and charging for it is fucking crime. Second; there is no second, but I just liked to start with the words First off. Hailing from Rotterdam city (the finest in the world), Accelerators punk their way 'round the world. They kicked off their album with a release party in Watt Rotterdam.

So what can one write about a -30 minutes punkrock album that sounds like a lot of other punkrock albums? Not much, except that the energy blasts out of your speakers from start to end. The genre they play in, lacks creativity and surprises alltogether, so please read this review as a lover of punk. The grade is for the level of punk rock they play, not for the overall level of music, because there is no punk band out there that would get a high grade, if that were the case. Are you still with me?

Accelerators played over 250 shows and it took 'em 6 years to finish a full length. This is definitely noticeable, because they're tight as fuck! About the level of musicianship; it's as good as a punk band should be. They're able to play a couple of bars with a couple of chords and thats 'bout it folks. The record is very, very well produced, by the man who doesn't speak much (hence his name), which is a huge addition to the overall sound of this band.

So why such a high rating for a -30 minutes record that lacks surprise? It's just damn good punk rock 'n' roll, that's why damn it!! Put this on and you'll instantly start dancing like an epileptic ape! Catch 'em live when you can!
Accelerators - Accelerators
78/1001Details Stardumb
Released on Monday Jun 1st, 2009

Writer @LondonCustoms on Thursday Jun 4th, 2009

Tags: #Accelerators
Tracklisting 01. Ready Set Go
02. The Rain
03. I'm Not Sorry
04. Got Kicked In The Front Off My Head
05. 12, Three Crosses Street
06. All Eyes On The Fire
07. Go Get Your Brain Checked
08. Borrowed Time
09. Ok By Me
10.Stab You Till You Bleed No More
11. 30,000 Cigarettes
12. We Don't Know What To Say
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