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Alexisonfire - Old Crows, Young Cardinals
With the release of the brilliant album Crisis in 2006 and 2004’s Watch Out! I would have never thought this band would match their success once again. Almost every Alexisonfire member has been busy with side projects lately. City and Colour, The Black Lungs, Hunter, Bergenfield Four, Fucked Up… Even rumors of a breakup circulated on the internet and, from a distance, it kind of looked like the band members lost interest in Alexisonfire. But with Old Crows, Young Cardinals they have proven themselves once again!
In 2001 Canada’s Alexisonfire was raised from the ashes of a pop-punk, a tech-metal and an indie band. With the name taken from the American stripper Alexis Fire, the band released a demo EP and a successful full length album just a year after forming. After touring with established bands such as Billy Talent and Glassjaw through Europe and North-America, two more successful full-length albums and big tours such as Warped followed shortly after. Not surprisingly Old Crows, Young Cardinals builds further on the success of the first three albums, giving it a few minor changes this album just needed.
As soon as the first track 'Old Crows' kicks in, and especially at the next track which is not very surprisingly called 'Young Cardinals', I noticed the more punk rock direction the band is going in. The first three albums by Alexisonfire were praised for their mix of melodic screamo, hardcore and punk rock and this album does no less, with a little more attention towards punk rock. From the typical Crisis-like post-hardcore tracks like 'Heading for the Sun' and 'Born and Raised' to the faster punk-like tracks like 'Accept Crime' and the extremely catchy 'Sons of Privilege' to the slower, more emotional (avoiding the word emo right there) 'The Northern' and final track 'Burial'. In an interview lead singer George Pettit stated the band wanted to “put a knife” into screamo rather than saving it, and they definitely did it. Where Watch Out! and Crisis might sound a little whiney and soft at some points (guilty pleasure though, I have to admit!), this album has the most guts Alexisonfire has had to date. The vocals on the album sound better than ever before. Wade gets more singing parts this time, while George’s screaming parts sound better and clearer than before and of course Dallas’ vocals are as crystal clear as always.
When you thought that Alexisonfire might have lost the guts to make another good album after 8 years, you’re completely wrong. Old Crows, Young Cardinals is a damn good album once again and maybe one of their best yet. I had a hard time deciding the mark, but they deserve this! One of the best and hardworking bands in this scene from the past years and to date!
Alexisonfire - Old Crows, Young Cardinals
92/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Tuesday Jun 23rd, 2009

Writer @Brent_ on Thursday Jun 4th, 2009

Tags: #Alexisonfire
Tracklisting 1. Old Crows
2. Young Cardinals
3. Sons of Privilege
4. Born and Raised
5. No Rest
6. The Northern
7. Midnight Regulations
8. Emarals Street
9. Heading for the Sun
10. Accept Crime
11. Burial
Line up George Pettit – lead vocals
Dallas Green – vocals, rhythm guitar, piano
Wade MacNeil – lead guitar, vocals
Chris Steele – bass guitar
Jordan Hastings – drums, percussion
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