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Prong - Power Of The Damn Mixxxer
Thanks to a new system in sending albums for reviewing called iPool, I have no data whatsoever on the album. Well I do, because it all can be found on the internet, but since I am a lazy fuck and the record company didn't send any info, I won't give you any. So, besides all this bullshit, let's see what we can say about the music on this record.

Prong, or Tommy Victor, have been around longer than Jesus Christ himself and have influenced many. Their revival was a couple of years back with the album Power Of The Damager. This record holds remixes of the songs from that album, done by a lot of guys with miXXXers appearantly. Some say things like this are done in order to get more cash or dough (or whatever kids say these days), others say it is an expression of creativity from different musician friends. Personally I think this record belongs to the latter group. This record holds 13 remixes of 12 songs. Huh? Yes sir, 'The Banishment' was remixed more than once. Twice to be exact.

Overall the songs don't differ a whole lot from the previous album, it's just easier to dance to now! The heaviness is still here. The overall sound is a bit more industrial and sounds like the remixes as done on say the OST from the movie Resident Evil.
Buy this record because: You like to dance to metal and you're a die-hard Prong fan that needs to have everything these guys ever made. Don't buy this record because: You can't dance and thought the last record was good enough already.

Peace out homies!
Prong - Power Of The Damn Mixxxer
70/1001Details 13th Planet Records
Released on Monday Jun 1st, 2009

Writer @LondonCustoms on Friday Jun 5th, 2009

Tags: #Prong
Tracklisting 1. Worst of it (Worst of the Worst Remix)
2. Can’t Stop the Bleeding (Smack! Mix)
3. The Banishment (Wolfzilla & The Angry Moon Mix)
4. Power of the Damager (Fabrication Mix)
5. 3rd Option (Naked in the Cadillac Mix)
6. Pure Ether (Big Riddim Mix)
7. Message Inside of Me (Chicxulub Impactor Mix)
8. No Justice (Crackmix)
9. Looking for Them (Contagious Mix)
10. Spirit Guide (Reality’s Edge Mix)
11. Changing Ending Troubling Times (Abandoned Structures Mix)
12. The Banishment (Bitter Harvest Mix)
13. Bad Fall (Smile on Your Face Mix)
Line up Dudes with miXXXers