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Chainsaw - Metal Missionary
Sometimes a band comes along so original, so inspiring to us all, spreading the word of Satan himself and letting us bow down in honour of their great skill and creativity. A happening so inspiring and overwhelming that one pisses his pants like a little kid! With Chainsaw's new record (or Rackord) none if this all happened. It's just ordinary thrash that isn't that good, but more power to them for keeping the soul alive.

Appearantly Chainsaw likes meat and remote-controls that out them in 'Supreme Command'. Most songs on this record (or Rackord) are about meat, just like The Village People used to do. So tell me mister; is it good? Well.... not that extremely good, but there is something about this record that kinda sticks. It's not that tight, but you definitely hear these guys like to play and are having a lot of fucking fun making records! (or Rackords). The variety on this record is going from fast to faster. It's not all that tight and the singing isn't that good either, but hey, somehow I like it anyway!

So run to the store if you like thrash metal and beer and meat and blood and death and all shit alike. Keep away from this record (or Rackord) when you are religious, vegitarian or in any other way a dumbass.
Chainsaw - Metal Missionary
65/1001Details Meat Rackords
Released on Monday Jun 1st, 2009

Writer @LondonCustoms on Friday Jun 5th, 2009

Tags: #Chainsaw
Tracklisting 01. Demolition Hammer
02. Hand of God
03. Supreme Command
04. The Missionary
05. The Meat Factory
06. Liquid Love
07. Total Annihilation
08. Two Feet of Meat
09. Dominion of Man
10. Meet Your Maker
11. Heavy Sex Maniac
12. Tonight I'm Going To Rock You Tonight
13. The Meat Locker (outro)
Line up Aike - vocals
Don - drums
Quinz - bass
Yanni - guitar