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Sadistic Gore - Tools Of Monstrosity
Sadistic Gore is a Christian... ehh anti-Christian death metal band from Brazil. Formed in 2004, they released an independent demo in 2005 and now their first EP on Crush Chaos Productions. Let’s see if they can compete with Brazil’s known death metal monsters.

At first, the production might be a small threshold, but once you’re in it, it’s easy to dig. Sadistic Gore presents a US-death style on the six tracks on this EP, somewhat like Suffocation’s sound. Not as tight as these legends, and not as refreshing as the new delivery of US-death metal records, but it holds a lot of nice turns and twists that makes it anything like a Swedish easy-to-chew album.

Expect a brutal sound, crushing breaks, pure bass drums and some nice blastbeats accompanied with guitar solos. If you like your death metal the American way, go check this disc out. I’m curious to their next offering. If they continue to grow, they should be able to make an interesting full-length and come closer to renowned acts like Krisiun and Mental Horror.
Sadistic Gore - Tools Of Monstrosity
72/1001Details Crush Chaos Productions
Released on Tuesday Apr 1st, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Saturday Jun 6th, 2009

Tags: #Sadistic Gore
Tracklisting 01. Hateful Hatred
02. The Prophecy (A Trip To The Comet Ë357)
03. Abomination
04. Deserter Of Humanity
05. Human Souvenirs
06. Deflowered By The Priest
Line up Bruno R - Vocals
Marreta - Guitar and Bass
Victor "Pinga" - Guitar
João Cordeiro - Drums (session)