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Splattered Mermaids - Stench Of Flesh
Hailing from Sweden is a band with one of the most gnarly yet funny bandnames I’ve come across in a while: Splattered Mermaids. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face then you’d better stop reading this review, for the music found on Stench Of Flesh is pure death metal and grindcore. Let’s splatter some mermaids!
Fast, up-tempo grinding death metal divided among ten tracks is what you find on Stench Of Flesh. The production isn’t awesome, but the energy the music exhales makes up for that easily. My favourite thing about Splattered Mermaids is vocalist Johan Bergström. This guy packs a highly brutal voice that he can use in various ways, including pig squeals and guttural regurgitation. It fits the brutality of the music perfectly!
Well it’s not the most original of grindcore records, yet Splattered Mermaids, which features members of Deranged and Visceral Bleeding in its ranks, have surely produced a fine collection of headbangable mayhem. I’d love to find out what this chaos sounds like in a live environment, and if I’m not mistaken we’re bound to find out by the end of this year. For now I can enjoy myself with the Stench Of Flesh!
Splattered Mermaids - Stench Of Flesh
75/1001Details Bizarre Leprous Productions
Released on Saturday Mar 1st, 2008
Death Metal / Grindcore

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Jun 7th, 2009

Tags: #Splattered Mermaids
Tracklisting 1. Face Laceration 01:08
2. Stench of Flesh 02:14
3. Throat Unsafe From A Pair of Scissors 02:36
4. Instant Spastic Regurgitation 03:57
5. Spliced Girls 01:16
6. Circular Holes In The Cranial Structure 02:22
7. Corporeal Manifestation 03:00
8. By My Blade (2008) 02:45
9. Degrading Malice 02:12
10. Restless Dreams of Atrocities 02:28
Line up Johan Bergström - Vocals
Martin Eklöv - Bass
Johan Hallberg - Guitar
Martin Schönherr - Drums