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Irate Architect - Visitors
Irate Architect is a Wedel/Hamburg, Germany based death metal band. Until now, they only released an EP entitled Born Blood Portrait in 2005, making Visitors their debut full-length.

I actually had a hard time reviewing this disc. Not because of the production, which is fairly good, but because this is music which is hard to understand. All fifteen tracks on Visitors are full of experiments within the technical death metal sound. We get to hear slower and speedy parts, a lot of guitar virtuosity and a large amount of twists, turns and other tricks.

Comparisons that come to mind are for example Visceral Bleeding, in terms of song structures. The slower parts remind me of Cephalic Carnage’s mid-paced work, while the well-present sound of the bass guitar make me think of Irate Architects’ country mates Obscura. Other styles can be heard in the instrumental intermezzo “Awareness”, which contains a calm yet creepy atmospheric tune, before the album continues its grind path. During “Seduction” we even get to hear a small jazz influence.

Yep, it seems that this album has all the facets of a varying debut record. Yet, I still have the feeling that there’s something missing. Is it lack of originality? It’s hard to be truly original in today’s metal scene, but from Cephalic Carnage we can say that they are, ‘cause of their epic guitar tones. Lack of catchiness then? The aforementioned Obscura sure plays a lot of striking melodies... a bit too much maybe, but Irate could use some of it, so that you’ll be able to remember and recognize their songs.

Keeping in mind that this is only Irate Architect’s debut album, and trusting on their talent and skills, I can say that they delivered a fine piece of tech-death. A real exhaustion battle. Yet I hope that they’re able to create a more epic and significant record next time, so we can link new bands to them instead of the opposite.
Irate Architect - Visitors
76/1001Details War Anthem Records
Released on Friday Mar 28th, 2008
Technical Death Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Sunday Jun 7th, 2009

Tags: #Irate Architect
Tracklisting 01. The Guestroom
02. The Visitor
03. Sickening Dolor
04. Three Times Holy
05. Coroner Boy
06. Imported
07. Bygone
08. Awareness (Instrumental)
09. High Pulse Rate
10. Timber Processing
11. Seduction
12. Weeping Eyes
13. Dead End Eyes
14. Lonesome Girl
15. Feeling The Void (Instrumental)
Line up Christoph Madarasz - Vocals
Jens Ballaschke - Guitar
Philipp Pfeiffer - Drums
Kai Schweers - Bass