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The New Black - The New Black
The New Black is a new band that consists out of experienced musicians. All have experience in bands like Sinner, Runamok and Paradox a.o. Are these bands a blueprint for the music that The New Black makes? No, not at the least.
The New Black's music can be described as a modern rock band with a lot of southern rock influences. This is especially clear in the groove that they use in various compositions. A reference point can be Black Stone Cherry. A band whose sound is quite similar to that of The New Black.
The New Black is not a clone of Black Stone Cherry, though. They sound a bit more aggressive and their vocalist doesn´t have the range and flexibility that Chris Robertson (lead singer of BSC) has. One thing that they do have in common is the quality to write memorable songs. The songs find their way to the listener's brain easily and it´s hard to get them out! Songs like ´More Than A Man´ for example are now stuck in my head for days. For me that's a good sign! Other people like their metal/rock complex, but I like this kind of straightforward, easy to digest rock music. The groove and aggressiveness that they possess, keeps the music from sounding too commercial and keeps it interesting for the more serious listener of rock and metal.
Despite the positive notes, I still think that they can improve in some aspects though. Markus could work more on his range and could try to vary a bit more with his throat. Also there are some songs that are just not up to par with the rest of them. Songs like ´Wound´, ´Not Me´ and ´Coming Home´ are okay songs, but not really more than that. They really need to step it up a bit in the song writing department, if they want their second album to top this one. But besides that, I think that they are on the right track and I enjoyed myself with this album.
The New Black - The New Black
78/1001Details AFM
Released on Friday Jan 23rd, 2009
Modern Rock

Writer @Neurotic on Monday Jun 8th, 2009

Tags: #The New Black
Tracklisting 1. Everlasting
2. Why I Burn
3. Coming Home
4. More Than A Man
5. Simplify
6. 50 Ways To Love Your Liver
7. Ballad Of Broken Angels
8. Not Me
9. Superman Without A Town
10. The Man Who Saw The Universe
11. Welcome To Point Blank
12. Wound
Line up Markus Hammer - Vocals
Stefan Schwarz - Guitars
Christof Leim - Guitars
G√ľnter Auschrat - Bass
Chris WeiB - Drums
The New Black - Is The New Black indeed The New Black?
The New Black - Is The New Black indeed The New Black?