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Maximum Perversion / Ebolie - Fuck Ya Ears And Drink Ya Beers
Here we go with another grindcore split CD from Australia’s renowned Grindhead Records. This time the crazy Australian grinders of Maximum Perversion have teamed up with their countrymen Ebolie for some gore and grind. The title says it all: Fuck Ya Ears And Drink Ya Beers. Deaf and drunk!
Opening the record is Maximum Perversion with eight rocking pornogrind songs. The band packs a good dose of power and humour, which combined with the Blood Duster like rock ‘n’ roll groove makes for a very entertaining listen. The production is quite clear, yet still raw enough to maintain that Australian grind vibe. Definitely a nice collection of songs for grinders worldwide, especially if you dig the Australian rock ‘n’ roll pornogrind.
Ebolie contributed seven songs which take up the pace a bit. They still operate in the same regions as the previous band, the rock ‘n’ rollish grindcore, yet a bit faster and more old school. Also there is a bit more nonsense in the songs. Again the production is clear, yet with enough rawness to maintain the grind spirit.
A nice split CD for all you rock ‘n’ roll grinders out there. It’s been out since 2007 already, but if you haven’t checked it out yet and you like this type of grind make sure you do so asap. Fuck Ya Ears And Drink Ya Beers, like a real man!
Maximum Perversion / Ebolie - Fuck Ya Ears And Drink Ya Beers
77/1001Details Grindhead Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 14th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Jun 15th, 2009

Tags: #Maximum Perversion / Ebolie
Tracklisting Maximum Perversion:
01. Fuck Ya Ears 01:30
02. Devastational Frost Of Rectumnal Winter 01:49
03. Snowdropper 01:41
04. Cookie (Eric Cooke) 02:45
05. Grand Guignol Of Manufactured Hits 01:48
06. De-Bloused In The Cumatorium 01:07
07. One Shot - One Kill 01:22
08. Wizzardgrind (Can You Feel) 02:40

09. Drink Ya Beers 01:42
10. Radioactive Ulcer Babies 02:18
11. Tongue Surfing The Vegemite Pit 00:29
12. Worked Holes 02:11
13. Exploiting The Green 01:18
14. 1800-Fashioncore Kids Helpline 03:48
15. Start Spreadin Disease 01:25
Line up Maximum Perversion:
Jason - Guitar
Jon - Guitar, Vocals
Daniel - Drums, Vocals
Andrew - Bass, Vocals

Bubsy - Vocals
McChob - Guitar
Chewy - Drums
Drail - Bass