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Sylver Myst - Turning Point
Sylver Myst was originally formed as a gothic band in 2001. Now, eight years later, the band has a completely new style of music which they themselves like to call catchy melodic prog metal. After two earlier releases, the band returns with their latest single Turning Point, which is a suitable name for the single, hence their step into another musical direction. Is it going to be a turning point for me as well?
The answer is no. Unfortunately this band doesn’t do that much to me. In fact, I was kind of disappointed, with the vocals in particular. As the official biography that came with this single states, vocalist Tasmara Kel evokes quite some emotion with her timbre. Well, it could be me, it could be the recordings or it could be Kel herself, but I’m honestly not that satisfied with what she brings to the table in these two tracks. And I don’t mean that in an insulting way, it’s just that I think she can do better than this. ‘Cause she can sing. That, she also shows on this single.
Musically, I wouldn’t call the two songs catchy. I’ve tried to find out what is so catchy about Sylver Myst’s music, but I couldn’t. That of course doesn’t mean it’s bad music. It’s just that it sounds quite average to me. Not like something that would get stuck in my head for a couple of hours, let alone days! The more I think about it, the more I’m starting to believe it’s partly the poor quality of the recordings that cause my negative point of view on this single.
So, is this single the best we can expect from Sylver Myst on their upcoming full-length? I for one hope it’s not. Melodic prog metal fans should give this one a try but as far as my concerns go with this band, I’ll leave it at this one. Nope, not catchy enough (yet).
Sylver Myst - Turning Point
No ScoreDetails Sirenette Musical Industries
Released on Wednesday Apr 1st, 2009
Melodic Prog Metal

Writer @Boek on Monday Jun 15th, 2009

Tags: #Sylver Myst
Tracklisting 01. Entangled By Lies
02. My 3rd Eye
Line up Tasmara Kel - Vocals
Didier Roumen - Lead Guitar
Rob van Dijk - Guitar, grunts
Martijn in ‘t Veld - Synths
Marco Brugmans - Bass
Bart Engelen - Drums