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Exciter - Exciter
This version of the selftitled album of Exciter (also released under the monniker O.T.T.) is already the fourth version to hit the market. I don’t have a clue why they keep re-releasing this album, because by now you would think that everybody who gets a fuzzy feeling of Exciter already owns this one. Clearly Magnetic Air Records wants to gets its share of the new thrash metal wave.
As a lot of you know Exciter is a Canadian thrash metal outfit. In the time that the original album came out, there was still a division between speed metal (the more melodic version of thrash, with most of the time vocalists who sing in the higher regions) and thrash metal. Exciter was considered a speed metal band back then. Over the years this division isn’t there anymore and nowadays the tag speed metal is sometimes used for happy powermetal bands like Helloween. So for the sake of putting the band in the correct box, I’ll call this album a thrash metal album, though it’s in no way similar to the efforts of bands like Slayer.
A big question that pops up in my head when reviewing a re-release: does it stand the test of time? In the case of this album, I am afraid to say that it doesn’t. Nowadays thrash metal bands blow this one out of its socks. The production clearly stands in the way for this album to make any waves whatsoever.
Besides the poor production (which is something you can expect when re-releasing a twenty year old album), the material doesn’t convince me one bit. Songs like ‘Scream Bloody Murder’ and ‘O.T.T.´ make me want to scream along, but those are the exceptions. I even cannot imagine that I would have picked up this album twenty years ago. If I compare this disc not only with the big thrash bands of those days, but also with the more obscure bands like Cyclone Temple, this just doesn’t cut it. The song material is to weak and the vocals also aren’t convincing. It sometimes even seems that Rob is out of breath.
This re-release is only worth buying if you want to collect everything of Exciter or are in desperate need to buy every old school thrash metal album ever released. In that case be my guest and buy this one. For every other thrash fanatic please save your money for the upcoming releases of Megadeth and Evile.
Exciter - Exciter
No ScoreDetails Magnetic Air Records
Released on Tuesday Jan 20th, 2009
Thrash Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Tuesday Jun 16th, 2009

Tags: #Exciter
Tracklisting 01. Scream Bloody Murder
02. Back In The Light
03. Ready To Rock
04. O.T.T.
05. I Wanne Be King
06. Enemy Lines
07. Dying To Live
08. Playin’ With Fire
09. Eyes In The Sky
10. Termination
Line up Rob Malnati - Vocals
Brian McPhee – Guitars & Vocals
Allan Johnson – Bass
Dan Beehler – Drums & Vocals