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Jesus Cröst - Tot
Okay, here we go for some Rotterdam stop-and-go hooligan powerviolence grindcore! Jesus Cröst is German-languaged (but obviously Dutch based) band that fucking destroys. Period.

These guys are just a two-some, live you just get drums, guitar and vocals. On record however there is also a second guitar and a bass, which broadens their violent sound a bit. The best band to compare them with is definitely Yacopsae with whom they did a tour earlier this year. A lot of stops in the songs make for interesting song structures, even though the songs sometimes last about ten seconds. The production one finds here is excellent, I didn’t expect that at all of a powerviolence band! But they managed to blow my head off every freaking song!

As an extra they’ve added their about fifteen minute show of 2008’s Obscene Extreme festival. It’s nice to hear but the sound quality is really poor and I think the guitarist wasn’t playing on his own amp for the guitar sounds like it’s coming from a computer or something. Nevertheless this does certainly not spoil the fun, definitely one of the better grind records to come out this year and for sure one of the best grind bands in all of Holland. Check them out if you dig bands like Yacopsae, Mumakil, Nasum, Magrudergrind and other noisy bastards bands.
Jesus Cröst - Tot
88/1001Details Bones Brigade Records
Released on Wednesday Apr 15th, 2009

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Jun 16th, 2009

Tags: #Jesus Cröst
Tracklisting 01. Taurin 400
02. Zeitgeist
03. Verbanned
04. Milevskyi
05. Krank
06. Vierakette
07. Titanic
08. Sein
09. Crust Ist Tot
10. Ekelhaft
11. Bombenalarm
12. All/Ein
13. Demonkrankheit
14. Geheimfavorit
15. Kein Schlaf
16. Der Schnock
17. Glanzparade
18. Cum S.U.R.
19. Bitsocker
20. Elfenbeinturm
21. Live OEF 2008 (Bonus)
Line up 13 - Gitarre/Geschrei
10 - Schlagzeug
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