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FUBAR / Sylvester Staline - Split
Teaming up for this split record are the French grinders of Sylvester Staline and the Dutch grinders of FUBAR. 29 songs of blistering violence, ready to put you on the rampage! Let’s go!

The record start with 17 vicious violent tracks of Sylvester Staline. Almost all their songs are about one of my favorite topics: weed. Fast, noisy and distorted as fuck they obliterate for about fifteen minutes, with vocals as screamy as you can imagine them. Furious grindcore that smacks you in the face, time and time again. I like it!

Up next are 12 songs from the Dutch crusties of FUBAR. A bit more old school, a bit more groovy and dynamic in songwriting and a bit more dynamic in vocal use because of their triple vocal attack, but still equally furious and hellish! Squat-grind for rebels and maniacs!

If you’re a fan of the most furious, ugly and vile of grindcore, make sure you check out this split record. Prepare to get annihilated!
FUBAR / Sylvester Staline - Split
75/1001Details Bones Brigade Records
Released on Wednesday May 27th, 2009

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Jun 16th, 2009

Tags: #FUBAR / Sylvester Staline
Tracklisting Sylvester Staline:
01. Smoke Weed
02. Reggae Music
03. I Don't Pay To Fuck
04. Global Warming
05. La Bagarre
06. Through The Eyes Of Weed
07. Smoking kills
08. I Don't Want
09. Problems In Life
10. Punk Bitch
11. Fuck You
12. Legalize It
13. Life
14. Get Revolutionnnary
15. Pissed Off
16. Stoner Punk Grind
17. F.U.B.A.R.

18. Cold Moment Of Terror
19. Assimilated
20. Crawling
21. Prejudice Bastards
22. Infected
23. Not Even You
24. Sanity Is A Ghost
25. No Direction
26. We Are Running Out Of Ignorance
27. Complete Silence
28. Start Digging Graves For The Masses
29. Gonna Give Sylvester Staline Drinking Lessons With The Royalties Generated By This Song
Line up Sylvester Staline:
Julien - vocals
Tom - drums
Cedric - guitar
Yoann - bass

Luc - vocals
Bas - bass, vocals
Mark - guitar, vocals
Paul - drums