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Massmurder - Slaughtered For Snuff

Unmatched Brutality Records supplied me with 2 promotional albums. These albums are Massmurder – Slaughtered For Snuff and Guttural Secrete – Artistic Creation With Cranial Stumps. Both albums match each other in brutality. They differ though, because Massmurder tends to be very VERY fast, Guttural Secrete refers to ultra deep growls and music in Disgorge style. I’ll start with Massmurder, who are actually from my own country The Netherlands.


The record starts with Corpse Copulation, which starts with a really annoying scream. The music however resembles a lot with other brutal death metal acts like Brodequin and Cumchrist. It’s so fucking fast, that you won’t have to try to count the notes they play. It’s like full gas in the 5th gear. The songs are quite short and the total amount of playing time is around 28 minutes. I can definitely say that I like those 28 minutes from beginning till end. They’ve also chosen a very nice intro, which exactly resembles the name of the band. This is the 5th song Meatcleaver Massacre. I also favoured this song, and it is, in my humble opinion, probably the coolest song of the album. The vocals are quite the same during the album. Read: extreme brutal guttural vocals with screams filled between them, although the brutal guttural vocals are definitely in charge.


I cannot say I really disliked a song on this album, it’s just 28 minutes of immense brutality. If you want to get know of the band, listen to the songs Soaked In Semen and Meatcleaver Massacre and you’ll surely get an idea. The album was recorded in Excess Studio’s in The Netherlands and you can hear that! Thumbs up...


Track List:


1: Corpse Copulation
2: Slaughtered For Snuff
3: Homicidal Whore
4: Fleshfest
5: Meatcleaver Massacre
6: Cadaver Disinterment
7: Soaked In Semen
8: Perverse Molestation




Bass/Vocals – Paul
Guitar – Ian
Drums - Ramon

Massmurder - Slaughtered For Snuff
86/1001Details Unmatched Brutality Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Brutal Death

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday Sep 30th, 2004

Tags: #Massmurder
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