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Polydrone - /2
In its two years of existence, Holland’s Polydrone has already released two efforts, the latest being reviewed here. Now, don’t go crazy figuring out what kind of title this EP has, it’s actually pronounced as Divide By Two. Yeah, that’s right, these guys seem to be influenced by math. And I don’t mean the style of music but that god awful school subject. Anyone into that; eat your heart out with the cover!
The style of music these guys play is not-so-average-metalcore. Which means, metalcore with a twist. Jeff’s vocals - that may remind one very well of Chimaira’s Mark Hunter - are accompanied by quite some thrashy riffs and death metal outbursts. Polydrone creates quite some groove on this four song release, leaving me with mixed feelings.
Sure, there’s some fine music on this disc. A thick sound, metal grunts, heavy riffs and tight drumming. And sure, I do know that this band is only two years old but still, I just can’t help but being a bit hesitant when it comes to my judgement on this band. But the more I listen to this disc, the more I begin to realize what makes me hesitant. It’s the vocals, and the clean vocals in particular. They’re a bit whiney in my humble opinion. Which is a shame ‘cause the grunts fit in perfectly on /2.
Well, it must be said. There’s quite some potential in this band and I certainly would want to hear a full length effort that shows a grown band with some more experience. It might just give that little push I need to be really convinced by Polydrone. As for now, nice job!
Polydrone - /2
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Released on Friday May 1st, 2009

Writer @Boek on Thursday Jul 2nd, 2009

Tags: #Polydrone
Tracklisting 01. All Dead Dave
02. Redemption
03. Inevitable
04. Sunburn
Line up Tim - Bass, Backing Vocals
Niels - Guitar
Alex - Guitar
Wouter - Drums
Jeff - Vocals